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Bilingual Bible Story Advent Calendar

圣诞倒数日历, Bilingual Bible Story Advent Calendar, 聖誕倒數日曆

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Young Hub Magazine 3 - undated(70 copies per box)

Young Hub Magazine 3

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Young Ambassadors Magazine 2 - Order Now!

“来者” 杂志2, Young Ambassadors Magazine 2, “來者” 雜誌2

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What Are Christmas and Easter all About? (simpl. Chinese)

圣诞节和复活节的真正意义, What are Christmas and Easter all About?, 聖誕節和復活節的真正意義

Bilingual Gospel of John (CUV/ESV) with Bilingual Gospel presentation - New!

约翰福音 -中英双语, 包括福音书介绍 (简体中文), Gospel of John - bilingual, with Gospel presentation, 約翰福音 - 雙語, 包括福音書介紹 (簡)

Burgundy Bible (CUV)-medium size

和合本圣经-枣红色封面 (简), Burgundy Bible (CUV), 和合本聖經-棗紅色封面(簡)

Song of a Wanderer

游子吟(增订版)(简), Song of A Wanderer, 遊子吟(增訂版)(簡)

Song of a Wanderer - pocket size

游子吟(袖珍版)(简), Song of a Wanderer - pocket size, 遊子吟(袖珍版)(簡)

Good News Bracelet

福音串珠, Good News Bracelet, 福音串珠

Four Spiritual Laws Bilingual - Color cover

四个属灵的定律(英/简), Four Spiritual Laws Bilingual, 四個屬靈的定律(英/簡)

Five Great Mysteries - bilingual

五大奥祕 (英/简),  Five Great Mysteries - bilingual, 五大奧祕(英/簡)

Know the Truth

认识真理(修订版)(简), Know the Truth, 認識真理(修訂版)(簡)

Four Spiritual Laws

四个属灵的定律(简), Four Spiritual Laws, 四個屬靈的定律(簡)
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You. Need. Faith.

人需要信仰(简)You Need Faith人需要信仰(簡)

Popular Edition Bible (CUV) - vinyl cover-small size

和合本新旧约全书 (简), Popular Edition Bible (CUV), 和合本新舊約全書 (簡)

Chinese Union Version Bible-Large print-Font Size 10.5 (CUV)

大字和合本圣经 (简), Large print Bible (CUV), 大字和合本聖經 (簡)

Growing In Christ

在基督里长进(简), Growing In Christ, 在基督裏長進(簡)

Discovering God in Chin. Charact. (E/C)

从汉字中探寻上帝(英/中), Discovering God in Chin. Charact. (E/C), 從漢字中探尋上帝

How to Know God

怎样认识神(简), How to Know God, 怎樣認識神(簡)

Streams in the Desert (simplified script)

荒漠甘泉 (简) - Streams in the Desert (simplified script) - 荒漠甘泉 (簡)

New Life

新生命 (简), New Life, 新生命 (簡)

Way to God

引往神的路(简), Way to God, 引往神的路(簡)

New Testament (CUV)

和合本新约圣经 (简), New Testament (CUV), 和合本新約聖經 (簡)

Amazing Life of Jesus Christ, The

耶稣基督奇妙的生平(简), Amazing Life of Jesus Christ, The, 耶穌基督奇妙的生平(簡)

New Living

新生活 (简), New Living, 新生活 (簡)

Daily Walk with the Lord - New Printing!

每日与主同行(简字), Daily Walk with the Lord, 每日與主同行(簡字)

Help From Above

上面来的帮助(简), Help From Above, 上面來的幫助(簡)

True Spiritual Roots for All Chin- Simp/Engl

饮水思源-中国人的信仰根源 (简/英), True Spiritual Roots for All Chin- Simp, 飲水思源-中國人的信仰根源 (簡/英)

Advent Wreath

迎圣的烛冠 (简), Advent Wreath, 迎聖的燭冠 (簡)

Who is Shang Ti? (simplified Chinese)

上帝是谁?(简), Who is Shang Ti? (simplified Chinese), 上帝是誰?(簡)

Why is there Death and Suffering? - bilingual

为何有死亡和苦难(简/英), Why is there Death and Suffering? - Bilingual, 為何有死亡和苦難(簡/英)
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Popular Edition Bible (CUV)- Paper cover black

和合本新旧约全书-黑色平装封面(简), Popular Edition Bible (CUV - Paper cover black, 和合本新舊約全書-黑色平裝封面 (簡)

Four Spiritual Laws - Bilingual Large Print

四个属灵的原则 (双语大本), Four Spiritual Laws - Bilingual Large Print, 四個屬靈的原則 (雙語大本)

CUV/NIV Paperback Bible (simpl/Engl)

和合本中英圣经-纸面(大本) (简), CUV/NIV Paperback Bible, 和合本中英聖經-紙面(大本) (簡)

“Joy” - Bible Study on John

喜乐 - 圣经研究《约翰福音》 (简), “Joy” - Bible Study on John, 喜樂 - 聖經研究《約翰福音》 (簡)

Pure Gold

纯金 (简), Pure Gold, 純金 (簡)

Mere Christianity

返璞归真 (简)Mere Christianity, 返璞歸真 (簡)

How To Know God

怎样认识神(英), How To Know God, 怎樣認識神(英)

CUV/NIV New Testament

CUV/NIV New Testament

Q & A of the Gospel Handbook

Q & A of the Gospel Handbook, 福音疑难解答,福音疑難解答

JESUS Film DVD - Chinese Lang DVD

耶稣传, The JESUS Film - Chinese Lang DVD, 耶穌傳


门徒之道 - 大使命门徒训练第三阶段课程(简, Discipleship, 門徒之道 - 大使命門徒訓練第三階段課程(簡

What about Dinosaurs?

恐龙的来'龙'去脉, What about Dinosaurs?, 恐龍的來'龍'去脈

Creation or Evolution, Which?

By this Name (Simpl. Chinese)

全靠这名(简) By this Name (Simpl)  全靠這名( 簡)

China's Blood Covenant w/ Shang Ti (simpl.)

圣爱盟约 (简), China's Blood Covenant w/ Shang Ti (simpl.), 聖愛盟約 (簡)








Creation Answers Book-Simpl.

创世答问-简体, Creation Answers Book-Simpl, 創世答問-簡體

Gospel Bridge - Bilingual CUV/NIV

福音桥- 中英文版, Gospel Bridge - Bilingual CUV/NIV, 福音橋- 中英文版

CCB/NIV Bible - Paperback

CCB/NIV Bible - Paperback,圣经-当代译本/新国际板 (中英对照/软皮),經聖-當代譯本/新國際板 (中英對照/軟皮)

The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus

陌生客同路人(简), The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus, 陌生客同路人(簡)

Know Why You Believe

你为何要信 (简), Know Why You Believe, 你為何要信 (簡)

Case for Christ DVD

基督事件簿(事工版), Case for Christ DVD, 基督事件簿(事工版)