Ambassadors for Christ

Reaching Chinese intellectuals for Christ in this generation!

Celebrating 59 years this year, AFC's mission has not changed. AFC is called by God, in cooperation with local churches, to evangelize and disciple Chinese students and professionals in the United States and other parts of the world, to motivate and equip them to impact the culture for the Lord, and to mobilize and channel them into the service of Christ as a vital force for God's Kingdom.

AFC Bookstore

Since 1981, AFC Bookstore has been supplying Chinese Bible Study Groups, and Chinese Churches with needed Bibles, Theological materials, Discipleship materials,other Christian Books, Christian Music and Christian Gift items. Any profits made from the AFC Bookstore assist the overall ministry of AFC.  As part of literature ministry, AFC bookstore offers discounts to churches as well.

The Publishing Ministry of AFC continues to strategically offer needed resources missing in today's Chinese Churches.


Chinese Resource Ministry

We are celebrating 33 years of ministry this year! We specialize in bringing simplified script Chinese Christian Literature and Resources to you at low, ministry prices for maximum outreach potential for you. In order to provide these low prices, we depend on donations in order to sustain this ministry. Please partner with us and support us so that we can continue to keep these resources at lower prices.

By publishing and printing important resources during the past 20 years, we have also been able to keep prices low for maximum outreach opportunity

Ambassadors Magazine

Founded in 1957, Ambassadors Magazine has been a staple in many Chinese Christian homes and churches for decades. This quarterly magazine encourages Christians in their faith and challenges them forward toward outreach to Chinese in their area.

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