Bilingual Bible Story Advent Calendar

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圣诞倒数日历, Bilingual Bible Story Advent Calendar, 聖誕倒數日曆

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The "Christmas Advent Calendar" is a time-honored Western tradition in which Christians commemorate the birth of Jesus Christ during the Christmas month. This Christmas Advent Calendar in both Chinese and English, originally designed by two stay-at-home mothers, is full of surprises and ingenuity! A big picture book presented with 12 gift bags and 12 small books within, with beautiful hand-drawn illustrations and easy-to-understand text, telling the story of the birth of Jesus Christ in chronological order. You can open a gift bag with your child every day, read a short story, and enjoy the parent-child reading experience. This December, let's read the story of the birth of Jesus together to receive and enjoy the best gift from God!

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Language: Mainly Chinese texts and English summary at the end of each storybook.

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 What is an Advent Calendar?

The Advent Calendar originated from the German Christmas Custom. In order to commemorate the unusual Christmas month, Lutherans in Germany recorded the 24 days before the birth of Jesus by lighting a candle, hanging a new religious painting or giving children a piece of biscuits every single day.


What does our Advent Calendar look like? 

Our Advent Calendar is a set of 12 picture books for parent-child reading. Each Bible Story comes with a sentence of famous quotation and a piece of bible verses. The purpose is to encourage parents and children to learn, grow and know the truth of life together during the reading. The famous quotation helps us to know the wisdom in the Bible from an easy-to-read way, making the Bible "a lamp ahead of feet and a light above the road".


 Take a look at this short video introduction 

Bible stories + Advent Calendar

Add spice to traditional Bible stories, and add traditional biblical connotations to the modern Christmas surprise box.

Illustrations: Doodle style / Bright colors / Strong contrasts / Enchant readers with prominent visual effects.

The text: Tell the bible stories with easy-to-understand words, enlighten the readers with the text, and quote proverbs and Bible verses to bring out the theme.

CN-EN bilingual: The stories are written in both English and Chinese. There are Chinese texts alongside with illustrations and additional English summary at the end of each tracks.

Content:  It focuses on the creation, crime, salvation, and Repentance, and delivers the preciousness of salvation in 12 stories

Experience: Two binding types: stepped accordion fold and saddle stitched,  more interesting to enrich the reading experience




What is in the box


12 Bible Stories  12 Philosophies of Life  4 Spiritual Laws


The picture book I  Full of Love (God created the world)


The Fall

The picture book II  Could Be Beautiful (Adam and Eve)

The picture book III  We Are Limited (The Babel)

The picture book IV  Everyone Makes Mistakes (Joseph)

The picture book V  What Values Do I Have (Moses)

The picture book VI  Nothing To Worry About  (Exodus)

The picture book VII  We All Need Courage (David defeated Goliath)



The picture book VIII  The Best Gift (Jesus was born)

The picture book IX  Peace In My Heart (Jesus Calmed the Storm)

The picture book X  Everyone Is Important ( Finding the Lost Sheep)

The picture book XI  A New Hope ( Resurrection)



The picture book XII  It’s Never Too Late To Repent (Saul Repented)