Young Hub Magazine 3 - undated(70 copies per box)

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Young Hub Magazine 3

Limited copies available!

Created with Gen Z students in mind, this 82-page book/magazine is specifically for outreach to college students this year! As a ministry of AFC's Chinese Resource Ministry, this magazine is being offered for FREE.  In order to support this project, please make a generous donation to AFC's Chinese Resource Ministry, if you are able.

目录 Contents

1. Studying abroad is a rite of passage (audio)

2. Elements of a successful life

3. What to do if you get sick in the United States

4. Legal Advice for Studying in the United States

5. Guide to Opening a U.S. Bank Account for International Students

6. Introduction to USO (United Student Outreach)

7. Run Away - Original Poetry Testimony (Video)

8. Band-Aid of the Heart (My boyfriend's parents object to our relationship, what should I do?)

9. A Different Love (Young Travelers Club)

10. Morning  Devotion Testimony

11. Looking for you as an editor! —The story of the Drama club

12. There's Always a Choice (Comic)

13. An Average Boy with a Movie Dream (video)

14. How can there be no time? (comics)

15. One Century of the Chinese Union Version (Animation)

16. The Reason for God - Tim Keller (Audiobook)

1. 出国留学是一场成年礼(音频)
2. 成功人生的要素
3. 在美国生病了怎么办
4. 美国留学法律须知
5. 国际学生美国银行账户开户指南
6. USO介绍 
7. Run Away原创诗歌见证(视频)
8. 心de创可贴(男友父母反对我们的恋情,该怎么办)
9. 不一样的爱(驴友之家)
10. 使者美东青年晨更见证
11. 找你当编辑!——戏剧社的故事
12. 总有选择(漫画)
13. 平凡人的电影梦(视频)
14. 哪有没时间这回事?(漫画)
15. 百年和合(动画)
16. 为何是他(有声书)

82 pp.

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