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Available Chinese versions:

CUV (Chinese Union Version): The classic Chinese Bible, translated almost 100 years ago. This Bible is the choice for Chinese churches worldwide, and is the standard for memorization and use in church services and activities. It is generally more difficult to read, especially for unbelievers. This version is legally available in China, in both printed and digital forms.  (click here to read online)

RCUV (Revised Chinese Union Version): This is an update to the CUV, and is published by the Hong Kong Bible Society. Although not the standard Bible for most churches, it is generally smoother, and easier to read and understand than the CUV.  (available to read online here)

CNV (Chinese New Version): published by the Worldwide Bible Society in Hong Kong, this version has been often-used as a substitute for the CUV. For ministry consideration - it is easier to understand than the CUV, and also has a respectable, academic tone that might be appreciated by those 30+. Occasionally gives alternatives to how other versions translate certain phrases.  (read this Bible online)

TCV (Today's Chinese Version): an easy-to-read translation produced by the United Bible Society, this version is good for evangelistic tools such as Gospel of John booklets. It could be viewed more as a paraphrase, and we recommend supplementing this with another translation for personal Bible study.  (click here to read the TCV online) note: the TCV is legally available in China

CSB (Chinese Standard Bible): published by Holman Bible Publishers. The New Testament has been completed, but the Old Testament is still in progress. The available NT is an accurate and readable translation, and is good for Bible study and evangelism.  (click here to read online).

CCB (Chinese Contemporary Bible): published by Biblica (owner of NIV). This is a newly completed translation, which seems more fluent, and succinct. It uses modern spoken language, from Mainland China.  Good for youth, new believers and seekers from China.   (please click here to read online)


Note on Bilingual Bibles: Our bilingual Bibles pair the Chinese version with either the NIV (New International Version) or the ESV (English Standard Version), with the NIV being more popular in Chinese churches.

Note on words for God in the Chinese Bibles:  While the names for God are pretty interchangeable, these versions use Shen for the name for God: CUV, CNV, CSB.  These versions use Shang Di as the name for God: RCUV, TCV, CCB.