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Our History: We praise the Lord that the Chinese Resource Ministry (formerly the Mainland Chinese Literature Ministryis now celebrating thirty years of serving the Lord! As the Simplified Chinese resource department of AFC,  CRM resources have been used to reach students and intellectuals all over the world from mainland China. Over the past 30 years, millions of copies of books, booklets, and multimedia gospel resources  have been promoted and donated at very low price, and many free, affecting and changing numerous Chinese people’s lives within China and overseas.  Thirty years later, God called on us to continue to be faithful to the ministries he entrusted to us and insist on promoting the resources of the gospel at a very low price and free of charge so that those who are still seeking direction and truth of life will not be hindered by the cost and therefore lost the opportunity to be reached by this great gospel!

As we continue to move forward with the Lord's grace, we need more volunteers and financial support to our full-time co-workers and printing needs behind the scenes. Thank you for partnering with us through prayer and financial dedication, being volunteer expanding the kingdom of God! Whatever we invest in God’s kingdom will be remembered by God!

JARED SPANGENBERG of the Chinese Resource Ministry is  grateful  for your dedication and prayer support, we will continue to assist in the continuous expansion of the ministry! AFC will also provide you with tax deduction receipt.


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Our Vision: to impact and transform Mainland Chinese worldwide, especially intellectuals, with the life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ, and equip them to grow in the Lord and multiply their faith.

Our Mission: to partner with God’s people to provide the most effective and strategic evangelistic and Christian growth resources for Mainland Chinese, at the lowest cost and highest quality.

Our Model: We rely upon God and the generous help of volunteers and donations from God’s people to give us the ability to provide resources at the lowest possible cost, and often at no cost, for maximum impact for the Gospel of the Lord Jesus.

The ministry at a glance:

MC ministry in the USA

We offer more than 450 strategic books, booklets, DVDs and other audio-visual items in the following categories:
   o Bibles and Bible portions
   o Apologetics
   o Evangelism and Gospel presentation
   o Testimonies and biographies
   o Bible study and exposition
   o Basic Christian growth
   o Relationships and family life

All literature is Simplified Script and audio-visual items are Mandarin (many tri-lingual)

Strategically chosen and brought from many parts of the world, as well as those produced by our ministry.

China Ministry

Connecting within China and to China (please inquire for more information)

  • Free-for-China ministry
    - Our most strategic items are offered
    - Helping returnees and those traveling to China
    - Thousands of items given free each year 
  • Supplying information such as:
    - List of Christian bookstores in China
    - List of legally produced items in China
    - Partnership network inside China to help get resources where needed
    - Promote websites accessible in China to watch and download lectures/videos and read/request Song of a
    Wanderer (S.O.A.W., the most powerful book for reaching M.C. intellectuals for Christ!) and other important items:,, and (Jesus Central)

Official Publishing in China

  • Stranger on the Road to Emmaus  published in China, and released July 5th, 2013.
     - Highly recommended resource for new believers and seekers
     - Chronological Gospel presentation, incorporating 1,000 Bible passages.
     We will supply free copies to ministry leaders in the country in 2013
  • Run to Glory, the story of Eric Liddel, is another example of China publishing

Printings/duplications of the most effective resources

  • Books, booklets, and digital items such as DVDs
  • Print hundreds of thousands of the most highly effective books and booklets for use in-country
  • Have supplied more than 1.2 million S.O.A.W. worldwide, many 100,000’s where they are most needed overseas
  • Printed over 350K strategic items for 1,000 campus ministries, churches, and training centers in 2013.

Global projects

Ship key, strategic resources for Chinese to God’s people in all corners of the world

Currently assisting MCs in countries such as Japan, Canada, Hong Kong, and Singapore with printings in-country

Supply resources for key pastor and leadership conferences, especially in Asia, with the help of donations.

Digital/technological advances

Free online reading/viewing of key items

Smartphone/tablet app ministry cooperation with strategic partners

Distribute Chinese Treasures digital library – more than 175 digital books, Bibles, etc. on one disk/chip

Supply large quantities of DVDs for use in ministry to Mainland Chinese

Adapting to change

Supplying resources to those ministering to the influx of younger Mainland Chinese coming to the USA

Researching trends & needs and developing resources to more effectively impact today’s Mainland Chinese for Christ


To obtain resources, please browse our website or contact us by phone/email.

Chinese Resource Ministry


21 Ambassador Drive

Paradise, PA 17562



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