Know the Truth

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认识真理(修订版)(简), Know the Truth, 認識真理(修訂版)(簡)

An excellent apologetic and evangelistic discussion, focused around three questions which form the three parts: Does God Exist? Is Jesus the Son of God? Is the Bible Inspired by God? Somewhat similar in nature to Song of a Wanderer, Know the Truth this is perhaps the better choice for those who are not college students or graduates.

52 copies per full box, in simplified script Chinese

This book was originally written in Chinese.

English table of contents:

Know the Truth  (Chinese: Ren Shi Zhen Li)

(Contents in English)


Part 1  --  Does God Exist?


1.   How can we say there is no God?

2.   The laws of the universe demonstrate that God exists

3.   The wonders of creation show God's existence

4.   The nature of mankind evidences God's existence

5.   Life itself is proof that God exists

6.   Experiences in life confirm that God exists

7.   The reality of Satan points to God's existence

8.   Miracles and wonders show God's existence

9.   God's punishment indicates that He exists

10.  Ancient Chinese writers showed that God exists

11.  Errors of evolution

12.  The hopelessness of non-believers compared to the blessings of believers

13.  Get to know the character of God!



Part 2  --  Is the Bible Inspired by God?



1.    Man's misconceptions about the Bible

2.    Logic shows that the Bible must be the Word of God

3.    The structure of the Bible demonstrates it to be God's Word

4.    Fulfilled prophecies confirm that the Bible is inspired

5.    The power of the scriptures show them to be God's Word

6.    The love of martyrs for the Bible is evidence of its divine origin

7.    Science supports the claim that the Bible is the Word of God

8.    The unchanging nature of the Bible confirms that it is God's Word

9.    Jewish history demonstrates that the Bible is inspired by God

10.  The indestructibility of the Bible shows it is God's Word

11.  Despite persecution the rapid spread of the Bible shows it is God's Word

12.  Jesus affirmed through His usage that the Bible is the Word of God

13.  The source of the Bible gives evidence that it is God's Word

14.  Archaeological discoveries in this century affirm that the Bible is inspired

15.  The Good News



Part 3  --  Is Jesus the Son of God?



1.    The identity of Jesus is of utmost importance to us

2.    The words of scientists and skeptics testify that He is God's Son

3.    Jesus calling himself "Son of God" affirms who He is

4.    The virgin birth of Jesus proves that He is the Son of God

5.    The difference between the death of Jesus and man's death attests His deity

6.    The resurrection of Jesus proves that he is God's Son

7.    The sinless character of Jesus shows that He is the Son of God

8.    Jesus' fulfilling of prophecy as well as the fulfillment of His predictions affirm Him to be the Son of God

9.    The fulfillment of the promises of Jesus even today attests to His being Son of God

10.  The divine nature of Jesus proves that He is God's Son

11.  The unique worldwide impact of Jesus demonstrates that He is the Son of God

12.  The witness of believers even in death demonstrates that Jesus is God's Son

13.  The purpose of Jesus, the Son of God, becoming man

14.  How to come to faith in Jesus, the Son of God

15.  My experience of personal faith in Jesus