Why our prices are so low

Chinese Resource Ministry

            Evangelistic and Basic Christian Growth Resources for ministry to Mainland Chinese


Why are our prices low?...


We are a ministry: we depend on prayer, donations, and volunteer service from God’s people, which allows us to freely distribute effective resources where they are needed, and to subsidize the costs of all other items.


The ministry in a nutshell:

o   A ministry that connects: to assist you in locating bookstores, publishers, ministries, and online resources in China and worldwide.

o   A ministry that runs special projects: large printings in the country where they are desperately needed

o   A resource center that collects from many sources, to provide the best selection available anywhere in the world

o   Our resources are:

1.       strategic and effective ministry-focused resources for evangelization and spiritual growth of Mainland Chinese

2.       offered either at low, subsidized costs or completely free

3.       available in many forms: printed, audio-visual, online, etc.



If you’d like to volunteer, donate, or inquire about our printing and distribution projects in the country where these resources are most needed, please contact us (and click here to learn more about us):


Chinese Resource Ministry




A ministry of Ambassadors for Christ

21 Ambassador Drive

Paradise, PA 17562



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