Curtain Call from the Dark Chamber - English

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Curtain Call from the Dark Chamber

Curtain Call from the Dark Chamber: Personal Recollections about Christiana Tsai and Mary A Leaman

If you have read Queen of the Dark Chamber before, you will be intrigued by a behind-the-scenes look at the daily lives of Christiana Tsai, and Mary Leaman, two missionary women of deep faith who served the Lord wholeheartedly in China and in the US. You will learn more about their other family members and how they all supported each other in ministry. As a close friend of theirs for about 30 years, Leona Choy shares her answers to Frequently Asked Questions about these women and what caused them to not despair in the midst of earthly trials.  

It was because of these women that AFC has its headquarters location in Paradise, PA, benefiting AFC's ministry to flourish all of these years.

Come backstage for the inside scoop!

What caused these ladies to walk so closely with the Lord? What would they think of life today? Learn the lessons of faith from women who in their later years practiced "Restful Availability."

56 pp.

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