Pursuit and Return (simp)

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Pursuit and return(simp);追尋與迴歸(簡);追寻与回归(简)


"Pursuing and Returning" is a collection of blog articles by Gideon, a senior Internet writer. As the title suggests, this is a book about seeking and returning. A person's life seems to be a life of pursuit, the pursuit of the spiritual home that can settle one's body and mind. Some found it and some didn't. Some people seem to have found it, but in the end they find that they are not satisfied. "Where is the hometown at sunset, and the Yanbo River makes people worry." In the book, you can see the loneliness with nostalgia, and you can also find the peace and joy after your body and mind are settled. This is a thought-provoking book.


About the Author

Gideon, whose real name is Cheng Song, is a native of Chengdu living in the United States. He claims to be "a man of science in online travel, and an observer of overseas culture." Bachelor of Science, Fudan University, Master of Science, University of Alabama, USA. He has been engaged in chemical research, development and management in the United States for many years. In 1995, he started to touch the Chinese Internet and has been active on it since then. His writing on the Internet has attracted the attention and love of Chinese intellectuals. He is the author of "Thoughts on Belief Through the Internet", and has published many essays and comments in Chinese newspapers and periodicals.