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创造论杂志( 简), Creation Magazine - Outreach Magazine - simpl. Chinese

Thanks to some donors who paid to have these printed, we can offer these at a very low, ALMOST-FREE price. Please use these to help reach out to the students and intellectuals that you meet!

Brought to you by the publishers of the Creation magazine, this special edition was crafted to use as a unique outreach tool, to share with some people who are not aware of the science that supports a lot of the Bible's teaching. With over 20 articles, this 80-page magazine is sure to have something attractive and interesting for everyone.

Although it says that this is a free magazine on the cover, it does cost something to print this beautiful magazine, so we ask for a minimum amount to cover those costs. At this price, I believe it will still be very worth it.

If you are interested in this topic, and like this magazine, consider an annual subscription to the magazine, available again in 2024. 

This outreach tool is only available in simplified script Chinese, however, the quarterly magazine is available in both Simplified and traditional script Chinese.