God, are you there? - Trad. script

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神啊!你在哪里? - 繁; God, are you there?  Trad.; 神啊!你在哪里?- 繁

If...God can give you purpose and meaning for your life - even if your life is in shambles. God can show you where to go in life today - no matter what your circumstances are. God promises that He will love you and watch over you - forever and ever.

You must want a better relationship with Him, don't you? The book "Where Are You, O God? will take you on a life-changing journey through the Gospel of John. It is easy to use, a "real time" Bible study for those unfamiliar with the truths of the Bible, and a moderately short and long course for this Bible study group. No matter what you ask, you will be excited to discover for yourself that God is right there with you!

He is always watching over you!

He really knows you!

Author: Kay Arthur

Traditional Script Chinese

209 pp.

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