No Ordinary Story (set of 11 booklets) - English

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No Ordinary Story (set of 11 booklets) - English

Take a Journey Through the Bible!

“No Ordinary Story” is a boxed series of 11 booklets by John R. Cross that takes a reader through the Bible from creation to Christ, addressing the secular worldview with the uncompromising message of the gospel. Whether Gen Z, Millennial or Baby Boomer, this series' short chapters and small size make it easy for those who prefer to learn in small bites.

If you are familiar with the books The Stranger on the Road to Emmaus and By This Name, this new series, No Ordinary Story, is an abridgment of all three books with material and adaptations specific to the Secular worldview.

Big Ideas in Bite-Sized Books (only 40 pages each)

The core message is presented in eight booklets :

No Ordinary God – Who is the God of the Bible? What is he like? (introduction to God’s character as revealed through the creation account)

No Ordinary Evil – Why is there so much evil in the world? Where does it come from? ( the fall of man, sin and its consequences)

No Ordinary Faith – Why is faith so important? What’s the big deal about trust?

No Ordinary Rules – Does God keep his word? What is the right way to live? (Abraham and Isaac, Moses and Exodus, the giving and purpose of the Ten Commandments)

No Ordinary House – Is there a way out of this mess? What’s with the tent? (sin, works won’t do it, the sacrificial system, the Tabernacle, the Prophets)

No Ordinary Birth – Who was Jesus anyway? How can we be sure? (birth of Jesus, start of his ministry)

No Ordinary Death – Why a cross? Can a dead man live again? (death, burial and resurrection of Jesus)

No Ordinary Plan – Why the lamb? Is it really that simple? (putting it all together)


Background booklet:

No Ordinary Book – What’s the big deal about the Bible? A pre-evangelism booklet building the case for the Bible.

Going Deeper booklets:

No Ordinary Verdict – Am I still guilty? What about shame?

No Ordinary Return – Where is Jesus now? Is he coming back to earth again?

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