The Reason for God - Keller

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为何是他 - 简体, The Reason for God - simpl.,
  為何是他 - 簡體

In an age of skepticism, how do we know that Christianity is the only credible religion? Why does God allow suffering? Why would a God who claims to be love send people to hell? Is the church responsible for many injustices? Has science denied Christianity? Timothy. Through literature, philosophy, daily life conversations, and rigorous logical thinking, Keller answered some questions that people who doubt Christianity or even enthusiastic believers often have, and explained why believing in the God of Christianity is a very wise and reasonable choice.​​​ This book once topped the New York Times bestseller list. Keller drew nourishment from literary classics, philosophy, anthropology, and various other disciplines, and made a convincing defense of belief in God. Keller is the founding pastor of the vibrant New York Redeemers Presbyterian Church. He has extensive pastoral experience. The readers of this book are skeptics and caring Christians. The book "Why Him" ​​not only displays the author’s encyclopedic knowledge, but also outlines the current debates about beliefs, which can help stimulate doubters’ thinking and help those who want to reassess their beliefs and their reasons people. -"Publishers Weekly" (Publishers Weekly)

Author: Tim Keller