Abide in Me

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常在我里面  - 简体, Abide in Me, 常在我裡面- 簡體

When Jesus began His ministry, he called twelve disciples to follow him. Jesus chose these people to be with him always, to be with him forever, and He taught them. Jesus devoted time and energy to teach them carefully and equip them to preach.

Dr. Dwight Pentecost has devoted many years to studying and teaching the life of Christ. During a recent service at Dallas Theological Seminary, Dr. Pentecost shared insights with students and faculty on what it means to be a Spirit-led follower of Christ. Dr. Pentecost began his message by saying,

"When our Lord began His ministry, He called twelve disciples to follow Him. Mark 3:14 says: And He set up twelve that they might always be with Himself, and that He might send them to preach.' Jesus chose these men to be with Himself always, and to teach them as rabbis. Jesus devoted his time and energy to teaching them and equipping them to go out and preach."

May you all receive the message of this beloved teacher and pastor who has served for many years, so that you may be strengthened and inspired to live the Christian life every day.

14 pp.

Author- Dwight Pentecost