Science and Christian Faith - simpl./Engl.

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科学与基督教信仰 - 简/英, Science and Christian Faith - simpl./Engl., 科學與基督教信仰 - 簡/英

In this booklet, the author explains how the origin of scientific study was spearheaded by the belief that in studying the natural world, one would understand the Creator of the natural world better. Originally the Christian faith fueled the beginning of modern science. Over time, scientists have sought to distance themselves from this idea, and the church has forgotten as well. So we find that there can sometimes be a worship of science in the eyes of the scientist, rather than a worship of the creator.  In addition, we sometimes find a distrust of science from the side of believers in the Christian faith. Instead, a healthy view of science is a worship of the creator, whom we learn more about and become closer to through the study of science and the natural world.

40 pp.

Chinese Simplified script and English