Science, Bible, Life 2 (Trad)

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科学.圣经.人生2(繁)Science, Bible, Life 2 (Trad) 科學.聖經.人生2(繁)

by Dr. Esther Su Fai Wan

People "believe in science" but don't know what "science" is. I really want each of us and every society to know what science is, what independence is, and what freedom is, so that we do not blindly follow other people's slogans, outlook on life, and beliefs.
In this second volume of Science. Bible. Life., Dr. Esther Su  continues to collect more than 20 articles written in the past. It is hoped that readers will pursue the truth of life with the attitude of seeking truth. So that they can live in truth, with certainty, purpose, and value.

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