Where Did the Earth Come From? CD

福音资源事工 Chinese Resource Ministry
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地球从那里来?, Where Did the Earth Come From? CD, 地球從那裏來?

Songs in Mandarin on CD. Sheet with Chinese words are included.






  This music is set up as a spiritual conversation between a mother and daughter. The daughter asks questions and the mother takes her through the Gospel, from Genesis to Revelation, introducing vocabulary and concepts. Each dialogue is followed a song which reinforces that part of the Gospel.  Before the last song, the mother leads the child through a sinner’s prayer.


Side 1

Song 1 -   Where did the earth come from?

This song asks, “Where did flowers, grass, mountains, earth, people, etc. come from?” Then the answer is that God created everything.


Song 2 - Adam and Eve

Explains the creation of  Adam and Eve, living in Eden. Gives a picture of their idyllic life in Eden.


Song 3 - The temptation from Satan

Explains how Satan disguised himself as a snake and tempted Adam and

Eve with the forbidden fruit; God casts them from the garden.


Song 4 - God's Promise

Describes the curses God placed on Adam and Eve when He cast them from the Garden.              The chorus promises a Savior will someday be sent to redeem them.


Song 5 - Wait for the Savior

Explains how Adam and Eve and their descendants waited for generations for the promised redeemer.     Nations came and went, Kingdoms came and went, but the promise of a redeemer lived on.


Side 2

Song 6 - The Birth of Jesus

This song tells the traditional Christmas story. Explains that we celebrate


 Jesus' birth every December.


Song 7 Jesus Christ, a Unique Man

Describes the miracles and life of Jesus.


Song 8 - The Death of  Jesus

Describes the betrayal, arrest, and death of Jesus.  Explains that this was


God's plan.


Song 9 - The Resurrection

Describes the resurrection from the grave.


Song 10 - A Song of Welcome

Welcomes children to the Kingdom of God through faith in Jesus.