The Unseen World

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未见的世界(简), The Unseen World, 未見的世界(簡)

The author explains from Scripture about what heaven is like, what angels are, and how to get to heaven. This evangelistic book is very clear in its explanation of what the Bible has to say about these topics.
164 pp.

E2-15 Unseen World

Table of Contents

Chapter 1            Do people really have a soul?

A.      Scientific evidence

B.      Soul out of body experience

C.      Telepathy or Soul dialogue

Chapter 2            The soul is immortal

Chapter 3            Final destination of the soul

A.      Hell witnesses

B.      Heaven witnesses

Chapter 4            How to get to heaven?

Chapter 5            Where do you choose to go?

Chapter 6            The characteristics of those who can enter heaven and have everlasting life

Chapter 7            You will meet hindrance

Chapter 8            What should we do when facing the enemy?

Chapter 9            Are you ready for the final day?

Chapter 10          Christianity changed history

Chapter 11          True joy and false happiness


About the book

Do people really have a soul?  Where is the final destination of the soul?  Do heaven and hell really exist?  What does heaven look like?  And what does hell look like?  Do you wish to go to heaven? Or would you rather go to hell?  How can you get to heaven?

The author had a strong background of materialism.  He had reflected and searched deeply into spiritual matters.  And found the answers to the mystery of heaven and soul.

He is a living testimony, and he will let you see many more testimonies.  Christianity is the truth.  It has changed many people, and it changed the world also.  Do you wish to explore the mystery of heaven?  Please read this book.  You will not regret.  There are a lot of evidences, which will help you to make a decision, and direct you to what you need to do. 


About the author - Rev. Seng Song

Rev. Song graduated from the China Medical University in 1987 with a Master’s degree in Stomatology.  Upon graduation, he stayed at the University to work in the Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery clinic.  In 1993, he came to Chicago to further his education.  He accepted Jesus Christ as his personal savior in 1994, and was called to God’s service in the same year.  In 1997, he immigrated to Toronto, Canada and worked in the area of blood work research.  In 2003, he responded to God’s calling. He received his master’s degree in Pastoral Studies at Tiaodao Theological Seminary in Ontario, Canada through part time studies.  He has been severing full time in the Toronto Gospel Church Mandarin division since 2007.


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