Your Money Counts

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理财有道 (简), Your Money Counts, 理財有道(簡)

This book will transform your life and your finances because you will be learning what God says about handling money. Whether you are trying to make ends meet, or determine what to do with excess, this books gives a clear understanding of what God wants you to know about handling money. And, as you apply these principles, you'll enjoy more financial health, freedom and contentment.

With over 600,000 in print, many have discovered that the Bible has a lot to say about money through your Money Counts. This revised and expanded electronic workbook is embedded with videos, animations and interactive financial tools that will assist you as you discover what the Bible has to say about spending, saving, giving, investing, getting our of debt, facing a financial crisis and much more.

"The practical principles in Your Money Counts are powerful and life-changing because they are based on the Bible. My only regret is that I did not read it 20 years ago. Don't make the same mistake!" 
-Joe Gibbs, former NFL Head Coach and Founder of NASCAR's Joe Gibbs Racing

"Your Money Counts is very practical and will help you grow closer to the Lord. I heartily recommend it to those who are seeking to manage their money in a way that will please God." 
-Larry Burkett (1939-2003), Author and Radio Host

理财有道 (简), Your Money Counts, 理財有道(簡)