Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing (Simpl. Chinese)

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让心灵歌唱的思想 (简), Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing (Simpl. Chinese), 讓心靈歌唱的思想(簡)

Sally Lloyd-Jones, Author of the Jesus Storybook Bible, produced this book as an adult version of her best-selling Children's book. With new pictures to appeal to an older audience, artist Jago beautifully illustrates Bible truths to go along with text that the author wrote in Jesus Storybook Bible.        From the Publisher's Website:  Drawing insights from creation, history, science, the writings of great thinkers, writers, preachers and more–Thoughts To Make Your Heart Sing turns the reader’s eyes toward the one who loves them with a Never Stopping, Never Giving Up, Unbreaking, Always and Forever Love. And is designed to do one thing: make the reader’s heart sing.

This innovational devotional was Christian Book of the Year 2012–in the adult inspirational category. Read by not only children–but teens, adults and the old, Thoughts To Make Your Heart Sing will create a deeper understanding of faith and build hope and joy in the heart of the reader–young or old.

Beautifully produced and designed to invite the reader linger on the page and illustrated by Jago, here’s a stunning follow up from the team who brought you the award-winning and best selling The Jesus Storybook Bible.

A book of hope, comfort and inspiration for a child’s heart – big or small.

让心灵歌唱的思想 (简), Thoughts to Make Your Heart Sing (Simpl. Chinese), 讓心靈歌唱的思想(簡)