The Reason Why

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为何我信(简), The Reason Why, 為何我信 (簡)

Author Robert A. Laidlaw, a highly successful businessman, appeals to his staff to join him in the Christian life. A landmark of modern Christian literature, The Reason Why is just as essential and compelling today as it was ninety years ago.

This classic Christian apologetic booklet has been impacting thinkers for a long time. With short chapters, this booklet will appeal to any student. Among other topics, it covers:

 Is there a God? Is the Bible true? Is man accountable? Is there divine forgiveness? 

72 pp.

About the Author

Robert A. Laidlaw was born in Dalry, Scotland in 1885 and moved with his family to New Zealand the following year. There, he became one of that country's most successful and respected businessmen. His fatherly concern for his staff led him to write The Reason Why which, since its publication in 1913, has sold tens of millions of copies and has been translated into over thirty languages.

The Reason Why