FREE Plastic sleeve - for Create your own Packs!

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FREE Plastic sleeve - for Create your own Packs! - Plus digital Resources

Create your own new-student outreach pack!

 Why do you need it?

As you know, you may have only one interaction with most new students - through airport pickups, new student welcome events, or your weekly Bible study. So we'd like to encourage you to prepare an outreach bag to give to every new student you come into contact with.

How does this work?

Purchase multiple copies of at least three different items from our webpage, and get this bag + additional digital resource links for free.

What to put inside?

1. Information/brochure about you and your group, possibly with a "Welcome to America" note/letter

2. A Bible portion, such as a bilingual Gospel of John, or a whole Bible

3. An evangelistic book, such as Song of a Wanderer,  By This Name, What if Jesus Had Never Been Born? Creation Answers Book, or Q & A of the Gospel

4. A shorter testimony or evangelistic booklets for easy reading, such as Jesus the Radical; Yes, It's True!; Why is there Death and Suffering?; Journey of Faith; Quest of Life; Turning Point (Testimonies)