Queen of the Dark Chamber (English)

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Autobiography of God's work in Christiana Tsai's Life in China.

(English Version)

Queen of the Dark Chamber: The Complete Works of Christiana Tsai

Autobiography of God's work in Christiana Tsai's Life in China:

Ms. Christiana Tsai:

The daughter of an affluent family who lived in perilous times during the late Qing Dynasty

An intellectual woman who challenged feudal bondage and rejoiced despite a life of hardship

A modern-day giant of the faith who lived in a dark chamber for half a century, shining the Light of Life from the shadow of sickness

"My bed is not a prison, but a training school; the Holy Spirit is my mentor, and my visitors are my homework."

Because the Spirit of God breathes through its pages, this book is highly recommended to Christian readers everywhere.  The author has made us feel the heartbeat of a nation and has done much to interpret the sufficiency of Christ to a great and needy people. In her furnace of affliction, Miss Tsai has discovered the secret of spiritual refining.  In her dark chamber of infirmity, she has found the Light of the World.

This book is a combination of her three books that were published earlier. It includes Queen of the Dark Chamber, Christiana Tsai, and the Jewels from the Queen of the Dark Chamber; all written by Christiana Tsai herself.

(English Version) (Paperback)

446 pp

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