The Saints' Everlasting Rest (simp)

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The Saints' Everlasting Rest(simp);聖徒永恒的安息(簡);圣徒永恒的安息(简)


Richard Baxter's The Saints' Everlasting Rest (1650) has long been recognized as one of the great classics of Christian devotion, and it is by this book that he is best known. The original work consists of some eight hundred thousand words-a clear example of Baxter's prolific pen-yet in Baxter's own life-time it reached twelve editions First abridged in 1754 by John Wesley, in the Christian Library, five years later another abridgement was made by Benjamin Fawcett, and innumerable reprints of this have since been issued. The book has also been translated into Welsh, Gaelic, German and French. The purpose of this abridgement, first published in 1962, was to present the work in a form suitable to the modern reader. No change has been made in the text of the passages selected from the original work, and the spirit and language of Baxter have been so preserved that the movement of his thought and style not only remains unimpaired but stands out even more clearly.

About the Author

Richard Baxter (1615-1691), a famous Puritan priest and theologian in England in the 17th century. Other books include The Converted Pastor, The Christian's Guide, A Call to the Unconverted, and more.