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Intelligent Design - Combo

福音资源事工 Chinese Resource Ministry
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恩宠之星/揭开生命的奥秘(简),  Intelligent Design DVD, 恩寵之星/揭開生命的奧秘(簡)

The Privileged Planet: Mandarin

The Privileged Planet: English

Outstanding DVD with two 60 minute presentations which very convincingly demonstrate Intelligent Design: 1.) Unlocking the Mystery of Life shows graphically the incredible amount of information and complexity and in a cell. 2.) The Privileged Planet shows how amazingly fine-tuned the earth is to support life and uniquely positioned to view the universe. Both are in Mandarin, as well as English, but this special offer is for distribution to Mainland Chinese students and non-Christians.


Unlocking the Mystery of Life: Mandarin

Unlocking the Mystery of Life: English