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“来者” 杂志, Young Ambassadors Magazine, “來者” 雜誌

Created with Gen Z students in mind, this 64-page book/magazine is specifically for outreach to college students this year! As a ministry of AFC's New Media team, this magazine is being offered for FREE.  In order to support this project, please make a generous donation to AFC's Media Project, if you are able.

Table of Contents:

美国教授告诉你在美国求学的智慧。An American Professor gives you Wisdom for Studying in the United States.

在校学生如何NETWORKING How do Students at School do NETWORKING

在美国被狗咬了之后  After being bitten by a dog in the U.S.

动画 | 世界上有很多声音, 你听到了什么?Animation :  There are many Voices in the World. What do you Hear?

漫画 | 怎样才算饶恕?Comic:  What is Forgiveness?

关于性,我希望在13岁时知道的事!What I Wish Someone Had Told Me About Sex When I Was 13!

爱里没有惧怕,我终于毕业了。There is no Fear in Love, I finally Graduated.

你的背包 Your backpack

后疫情时代, 如何找到内心的渴望,活出幸福的人生?In the Post-epidemic era, how do you attain your inner desires and live a happy life.

音乐 | 《鸟儿》——原创音乐创作见证。The Testimony behind the Song “The Bird.”

有声书 | 愤怒爱的另一面 Audiobook:  The Other Side of Angry,Love

插画 | 瑕疵品 Illustration:  Defective.

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