Our Daily Bread

福音资源事工 Chinese Resource Ministry
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修剪人生荒芜, Our Daily Bread, 修剪人生荒蕪

"The Bible is too difficult to understand, and I do not read! Moreover, this old information and advanced life have any relevance?" Many people in the Bible that have had this frustration. Even theologians, but also all the brains you want to unlock the mysteries of the Bible. Book book teaches Bible teacher and personal reading experience combining spiritual help. Through a series of life-changing stories, interpret the Bible for you to open a new vision, everyday life and faith in the application. The book known as the modern version of "Streams in the Desert," but certainly closer than the "Streams in the Desert" modern life, more modern, is the power of the Christian faith in the moment.
修剪人生荒芜, Our Daily Bread, 修剪人生荒蕪