AFC's 60th Anniversary book (Trad. Chinese)

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NOTE: This book has been published in Traditional script Chinese.

Ambassadors for Christ is celebrating our 60th Anniversary! Since its founding on May 6, 1963, the leaders of AFC have been called by God's grace to proclaim the Gospel and lead Chinese students and scholars in North America to become disciples of Jesus Christ. For 60 years, AFC has had the privilege of witnessing God's miraculous work; leading large numbers of Chinese intellectuals to become followers of Jesus Christ and establishing Chinese Bible studies and churches all across the United States.
In order to capture the history of this magnificent journey, AFC created a collection of testimonies, inviting many longtime friends who have participated with AFC to reminisce and give thanks for the great things that God has done among North American students and churches in the past century.

 This collection offers a glimpse into the workings of God's grace, with the intention of inspiring and equipping new generations of disciples to take up the missionary task of spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ. It serves as a reminder of the transformative power of the Gospel and the importance of sharing it with others.

194 pp.

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