Salt and Light - Vol 3

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盐和光III(英), Salt and Light - Vol 3, 鹽和光 III(英)

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Similar to Volume 1 and 2(see E1-35E & E1-36E), this third volume includes the life stories of influential Chinese who played a political or military role in the new Republic that emerged after 1911. Recovering this precious legacy of faith in action shows the deep roots of the revival of Christian faith in China today. Many of these figures in history are known to Chinese intellectuals, but without awareness of their Christian foundation.  261 Pages.

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Stacey Bieler together with Carol Hamrin edited three volumes of Salt and Light: Lives of Faith that Shaped Modern China. Here she talks about how Salt and Light came to be and the impact it has had on her own life.

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1. What is the Salt and Light series?

Salt and Light is a three-volume series of short biographies of Chinese Christians who lived between 1850-1990. Each volume focuses on 8-10 different people. The second volume has two chapters with second-generation stories: a man named Yan and his son, and the Xu family—parents and children.

Although we could have focused a volume on just educators, we chose not to because Chinese Christians were active in so many aspects of Chinese society. The biographies include a writer, a filmmaker, a businessman, a diplomat, YMCA and YWCA directors, a philosopher, cultural commentators, a judge, social activists, doctors, literacy and rural workers, an artist, and a general.

In writing the articles, we asked each author to not just tell the story of what the person was known for, but to include information about their families and how their Christian faith motivated their actions. Many were active in their professions, but also invested in helping to address societal problems, such as promoting literacy, protecting children, and fighting leprosy. These individuals were also active in local church life, some helping to establish local churches.

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