Outreach Pack #4

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福音礼包-4, Outreach Pack #4, 福音禮包-4

This Outreach pack contains Questions and Answers of the GospelFortune Proverbs DVD, Bilingual Gospel of John Booklet, Why would a Loving God Allow Death and Suffering (bilingual), You. Need. Faith. Gospel booklet.

Q & A of the Gospel Handbook - Includes 118 Questions and Answers in the following Categories: Does God Exist? Is it possible for God to fail? Who is Jesus? Why do you call me a Sinner? Do humans have souls? How do you prove the Bible is trustworthy? What does Believing in Jesus mean? Will the Resurrection and the Endtimes really Occur? Do Heaven and Hell really Exist? How do we distinguish between the True God and idols? Why I do not Believe? Why must I believe in Jesus? How do I live a Christian Life? This new edition also includes the Five Great Mysteries Gospel Presentation at the end.

Fortune Proverbs DVD -

Bilingual Gospel of John with Five Great Mysteries Gospel Presentation - This newly printed booklet also includes the bilingual Five Great Mysteries Gospel Presentation inside (item D2-7B) The Gospel of John is an eyewitness account of the life, death and resurrection of Jesus of Nazareth. John wrote this account with a special theme in mind that he states near the end: "But these have been written in order that you may believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, and that through your faith in him you may have life." John 20:31

Why would a Loving God Allow Death and Suffering? - New Printing! With tragedies abounding in our world, the answers to this all-important question as presented in this booklet are as urgently needed as ever, and must include an understanding of creation and the fall. Includes a presentation of the Good News.  (bilingual, 64 pp)

You.Need.Faith. - This booklet written by a popular WeChat public account The Road covers three main topics: What is Man?, Basic needs of humans, and Faith. Appealing to a younger audience. 

Outreach Pack #4