12 English Items

Leadership Essentials

Leadership Essentials: Shaping Vision, Multiplying Influence, and Defining Character

Greg Ogden and Daniel Meyer

Touching China

The Voice of the Minorities (English)

The Voice of the Minorities

Hadul Tamabima Editor


The Daniel Plan--40 Days to A Healthier Life


Rick Warren

健康標竿--40天但以理計劃The Daniel Plan(英文版)


Crazy Love

By Francis Chan

狂熱的愛Crazy Love(英文版)

狂熱的愛Crazy Love(英文版)

Queen of the Dark Chamber (English)

Autobiography of God's work in Christiana Tsai's Life in China.

(English Version)

The Gospel-Centered Life (English Leader's Guide)

The Gospel-Centered Life (Leader's Guide)

Robert H. Thune and Will Walker

English Edition

Purpose Driven Life

Cat & Dog Theology

Cat & Dog Theology

Bob Sjogren & Gerald Robison

101 Differences Between Cats & Dogs!

101 Differences Between Cats & Dogs! By Bob Sjogren

Illustrations by: Jamie Cosley

Coloring by:Andre Mandrake Hawke

God's Bottom Line

God's Bottom Line

Discover Your Global Role in His Global Plan

 Bob Sjogren