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福音资源事工 Chinese Resource Ministry
儿童天地诗歌精选, Heavenly Hymns for Children CD, 兒童天地詩歌精選
此光碟精選了44首動聽的兒童歌曲,播放時間長達73分鐘。此光碟精選了44首動聽的兒童歌曲, 播放時間長達73分鐘。

兒童主日學師資訓練 (簡)

福音资源事工 Chinese Resource Ministry
儿童主日学师资训练 (简), Children's Sund. Sch. Teacher Training, 兒童主日學師資訓練 (簡)



舊約啟蒙故事 (簡/英)

福音资源事工 Chinese Resource Ministry
旧约启蒙故事(简/英), Children's Old Testament Story Book, 舊約啟蒙故事(簡/英)

精美彩色插圖硬面包裝。精選舊約及新約十餘種故事。將神的創世,人的墮落及基督的救贖生動地傳遞給孩童。適合3 至7 歲學齡前兒童使用。


新約啟蒙故事 (簡/英)

福音资源事工 Chinese Resource Ministry
新约启蒙故事(简/英), Children's New Testament Story Book, 新約啟蒙故事(簡/英)

223 Pages. 中英對照兒童新約啟蒙故事書 8.75’x8.75'。



舊約新約啟蒙故事 (簡/英)

福音资源事工 Chinese Resource Ministry
旧约新约启蒙故事 (简/英), Children's Bible Story Gift Set, 舊約新約啟蒙故事 (簡/英)



童悅聖經-新約選讀100篇 [簡]

Children's Illustrated Bible - 100 NT Stories,童悦圣经-新约选读100篇 [简],童悅聖經-新約選讀100篇 [簡]

Temporarily Out of Stock until July 2018

ISBN 978 962 293 2104
Language: Simplified Script Chinese
Version: Revised Chinese Union Version
Format: Horizontal
Cover: Colorful Paperback Cover
Size 19cm x 26cm
Publisher: Hong Kong Bible Society
Remark: Shangti Edition


Jesus Storybook Bible (English)

Jesus Storybook Bible (English)

Every Story Whispers His Name. 

Beautifully written and illustrated, The Jesus Storybook Bible invites children to discover for themselves that Jesus is at the center of God's great story of salvation -  and at the center of their story too.   This book takes the whole Bible to tell the Story. And at the center of the Story, there is a baby, the Child upon whom everything would depend. From Noah to Moses to King David, every story whispers his name. Jesus is like the missing piece in a puzzle - the piece that makes all the other pieces fit together.  

Ages 4 and up.  351 pp.

Sally Lloyd-Jones