Creation or Evolution? (Trad.)

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创造或进化—事实或意见(繁)Creation or Evolution? (Trad.) 創造或進化—事實或意見(繁)

Have you ever thought about the difference between "scientific facts" and "scientists' opinions?" In fact, there may be different answers , and the two are not equivalent. However, we often confuse the two. Which one is the truth, "creation theory" or "evolution theory?" Which  one is the opinion of the scientists?  Is "Beijing Man" a scientific fact or a scientist's opinion? The author will guide you to verify "creation" or "evolution" with a scientific attitude, so that you can distinguish which theory is supported by the facts of science. I believe that after reading this book, your eyes will be opened to the truth and  your life will be changed. 216 pp.

ISBN 9781553361251

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