Outreach Pack #3

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福音礼包-3, Outreach Pack #3, 福音禮包-3

This Outreach pack contains What if Jesus Had never Been Born?, Evolution's Achilles' Heel DVD, Song of a Wanderer, Why would a Loving God Allow Death and Suffering (bilingual), You. Need. Faith. Gospel booklet.

What if Jesus Had Never Been Born - Despite the attacks against the faith, one powerful truth is undeniable: if Christ had never been born, nearly every facet of human life would be much more miserable than it is today. Arranged topically and presenting compelling, little-known historical facts, What If Jesus Had Never Been Born? clearly demonstrates that an enormous array of benefits to humankind--from economics to art to government, science to civil liberties, morality to health, and beyond--would never have occurred had Jesus Christ not lived.

Evolution's Achilles' Heel DVD - Fifteen Ph.D. scientists explain evolution's fatal flaws - in areas claimed to be its greatest strengths. Covers the following topics: The Fossil Record, The Origin of Life, Cosmology, Genetics, Radiometric Dating, The Geologic Column, Morality and Ethics, Natural Selection, etc.    Mandarin, Cantonese and English.  Subtitles in English, Simplified script Chinese, and Traditional Script Chinese.

Song of a Wanderer - Pocket-size edition -  Top recommendation for intellectuals. Convincing evidence of the truth of Christianity shared by a respected Mainland Chinese scholar who himself went through much struggling before conversion. Also shares his testimony.

Why would a Loving God Allow Death and Suffering? - New Printing! With tragedies abounding in our world, the answers to this all-important question as presented in this booklet are as urgently needed as ever, and must include an understanding of creation and the fall. Includes a presentation of the Good News.  (bilingual, 64 pp)

You.Need.Faith. - This booklet written by a popular WeChat public account The Road covers three main topics: What is Man?, Basic needs of humans, and Faith. Appealing to a younger audience. 

Outreach Pack #3