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财富箴言 第五辑,  Fortune Proverbs DVD #5, 財富箴言 第五輯

A group of entrepreneurs from various areas of China's business world explain about their personal testimony and business growth story. Because of their values, they inspire people to think about how to deal with work and wealth, encouraging others who are entrepreneurs.
Ma Xing Tong, General Manager of Shenzhen Xinchang shoulder pad 马兴通 深圳信昌膊棉有限公司 总经理
Wu Shangen, Founder of Xiamen Renee dress 吴尚恩 厦门雷妮礼服 创办人
Tu Changzhong, Chairman of Shanghai opened investment group 屠昌忠 上海一开投资集团 董事长
Li Risheng, Zhenhua Technology Ltd 李日生 振华科技有限公司 总裁

This DVD is a PAL DVD and will most likely only play on computers, probably not on US DVD machines.

Fortune Proverbs DVD #5