Living with Wisdom

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智慧人生, Living with Wisdom, 智慧人生

This book is a complete consolidation of the 20 lectures anthology. "How to live a wise life?" Author biblical book of Proverbs word in reply, that is: "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom, and knowledge of the Holy One is understanding." Book is divided into four parts, including: cognitive papers, money articles, emotional articles, life articles. Many of the teachings of the Bible applications to respond to the many problems of modern people in the workplace, the family, social as well as all levels of church life are facing, especially in the depths of the human heart can not avoid the ultimate questions, such as, "Who are you? "'why are you born?'" where you are going? "" You Palao it? "" Are you afraid of the poor do? "" do you fear death? "
This book is suitable for all readers to find the meaning of life, for modern people, especially those living with faith guide workplace people.
智慧人生, Living with Wisdom, 智慧人生