Melody of Praise

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赞美的旋律, Melody of Praise, 讚美的旋律
By China Science and Cultural Audio-Video Publishing House. Melody of Praise CD.

Praise the Lord (hymnbook on disk)

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心灵和诚实, Praise the Lord, 心靈和誠實
This is a computer file of a hymnbook with 500 songs, most of which are very popular for Chinese christians. For special use only.

Heavenly Hymns for Children CD

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儿童天地诗歌精选, Heavenly Hymns for Children CD, 兒童天地詩歌精選
This CD features 44 joyful children songs that’ll make children feel honored to be part of Christ’s family. Includes: "He Is Lord,""Isn’t He Wonderful?,""Jesus Loves The Little Children," and many more.

Where Did the Earth Come From? CD

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地球从那里来?, Where Did the Earth Come From? CD, 地球從那裏來?

Songs in Mandarin on CD. Sheet with Chinese words are included.






  This music is set up as a spiritual conversation between a mother and daughter. The daughter asks questions and the mother takes her through the Gospel, from Genesis to Revelation, introducing vocabulary and concepts. Each dialogue is followed a song which reinforces that part of the Gospel.  Before the last song, the mother leads the child through a sinner’s prayer.


Side 1

Song 1 -   Where did the earth come from?

This song asks, “Where did flowers, grass, mountains, earth, people, etc. come from?” Then the answer is that God created everything.


Song 2 - Adam and Eve

Explains the creation of  Adam and Eve, living in Eden. Gives a picture of their idyllic life in Eden.


Song 3 - The temptation from Satan

Explains how Satan disguised himself as a snake and tempted Adam and

Eve with the forbidden fruit; God casts them from the garden.


Song 4 - God's Promise

Describes the curses God placed on Adam and Eve when He cast them from the Garden.              The chorus promises a Savior will someday be sent to redeem them.


Song 5 - Wait for the Savior

Explains how Adam and Eve and their descendants waited for generations for the promised redeemer.     Nations came and went, Kingdoms came and went, but the promise of a redeemer lived on.


Side 2

Song 6 - The Birth of Jesus

This song tells the traditional Christmas story. Explains that we celebrate


 Jesus' birth every December.


Song 7 Jesus Christ, a Unique Man

Describes the miracles and life of Jesus.


Song 8 - The Death of  Jesus

Describes the betrayal, arrest, and death of Jesus.  Explains that this was


God's plan.


Song 9 - The Resurrection

Describes the resurrection from the grave.


Song 10 - A Song of Welcome

Welcomes children to the Kingdom of God through faith in Jesus.


Wonderful Grace - CD

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奇妙恩典, Wonderful Grace - CD, 奇妙恩典

Songs in Mandarin on CD. Sheet with words are included.





Yimaneili Ge - Immanuel

Covers text from Isaiah 7:14 and Isaiah 9:6. The virgin will be with child, give birth to a son, and call him lmmanuel. To us a child is born, a son is given.

There will be no more gloom for those in distress. He will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace.


Qi Miao En Dian Amazing Grace

This song tells of the angel appearing to Mary and the coming child.


Yesu Jidu de Jianglin - Birth of  Jesus

The chorus is a lullaby about the baby born into the world, who will

change the world.  God's only Son, our Savior, Jesus Christ. The verses describe the angelic appearance to the shepherds and the wise men.


Daolu, Zhenli, Shengming - The Way Truth and Life

The chorus comes from Mt. 11:28.Come to me, all who are weary and I will give you rest. The verses come from John 6:35, 8:12 and 14:6.

“I am the bread of life; …I am the light of the world; …the way, the truth and the life.”



Yesu Zhi Si - Death of  Jesus

The chorus says "God's Son is confronted by danger. The day He bleeds for us, sacrifices for us and drinks the cup of suffering has come. “The verses describe the betrayal, the mocking  and the crucifixion of Jesus.


Yesus de Fuhuo - The Resurrection

The chorus says “He is risen, triumphed over sin, Satan, and death. Our victor and our Savior.”  The verses describe the empty tomb and the angel that announces the risen Lord.


Yesu Sheng Hui Tianjia - The Ascension

The verses (sung as a solo) describe the ascension of Jesus into the heavens and the apostle’s observation. The chorus says, "The door to heaven has opened for Jesus, and He is back with His Father."


Haliluya Ge Halleluia

This is a song of praise for the wondrous gift of Jesus to us.



Heavenly Melody - CD

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天国之音, Heavenly Melody - CD, 天國之音
Songs in Mandarin on CD. Sheet with words are included.

Father of my Heart - CD

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心灵之父, Father of my Heart - CD, 心靈之父
Songs in Mandarin on CD. Sheet with words are included.

Chinese Treasures 6.0 DVD

信仰宝库, Chinese Treasures 6.0 DVD, 信仰寶庫


Amazing Special Resources Library, including many Bible translations, 175 books for evangelism, inspiration and training, over 450 digital quality hymns, over 360 children’s stories, evangelistic Hope video and more.

Download the complete list of contents (15 page PDF) by clicking here!