How Should We then Live?

前车可鉴:西方思想文化的兴衰 (简), How Should We then Live?, 前車可鑒:西方思想文化的興衰(簡)

How Should We Then Live? The Rise and Decline of Western Thought and Culture  by Francis A. Schaeffer

 As one of the foremost evangelical thinkers of the twentieth century, Francis Schaeffer long pondered the fate of declining Western culture. In this brilliant book he analyzed the reasons for modern society's state of affairs and presented the only viable alternative: living by the Christian ethic, acceptance of God's revelation, and total affirmation of the Bible's morals, values, and meaning.

"This is a modern-day classic, one of Schaeffer's books that awakened me to how biblical truth affects all of life."
—Charles Colson, Founder, Prison Fellowship and the Colson Center for Christian Worldview

"There are books that quickly go out of print and there are books for the ages. How Should We Then Live? is one for the ages. Any serious thinker must read it again and again."
—Cal Thomas, Syndicated Columnist, Host, After Hours, Fox News Channel     

About the Author:

Recognized internationally for his work in Christianity and culture, Francis A. Schaeffer authored more than twenty books, which have been translated into a score of languages and sold millions worldwide. He and his wife, Edith, founded L'Abri Fellowship international study and discipleship centers. Schaeffer passed away in 1984, but his influence and legacy continue worldwide.


Christianity and Chinese & the West. Culture

福音资源事工 Chinese Resource Ministry
基督教与中西文化 (简), Christianity and Chinese & the West. Culture, 基督教與中西文化 (簡)
122 pp. This booklet talks about the development of Christianity in western culture, the characteristics of Chinese culture, its present crises, and the challenges of modernization.

The Good Life

福音资源事工 Chinese Resource Ministry
人生观的故事(简), The Good Life, 人生觀的故事(簡)


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Why Is It Difficult for a Muslim to Become a Christian?

福音资源事工 Chinese Resource Ministry
回教徒信主的难处[简], Why Is It Difficult for a Muslim to Become a Christian?, 回教徒信主的難處[簡]
29 pp。Booklet。 The difference beteween Islam and Christianity, the way Muslims think, who Allah is, how do converts adapt to the Christian way of life? CCL 964T Why Is It Difficult f Muslim to become a Christian? Describes differences between Islam and Christianity and shows the hindrances a Muslim faces when considering the Gospel. 29 Pages Booklet

Christian Ethics

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基督教伦理学简介 [简], Christian Ethics, 基督教倫理學簡介 [簡]

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Author C. Kwing Hung, PhD helps readers to discern between secular culture and Biblical principles, so that new Christian believers know how to act and behave on issues such as abortion, birth, death, politics, church & state, human rights, family, sex, war, wealth, health, supernatural fortune telling occultism etc. 8.25" x 5.43" , 264 pages.

What are Christmas and Easter All About?

福音资源事工 Chinese Resource Ministry
关于圣诞节与复活节的一切, What are Christmas and Easter All About?, 關于聖誕節與複活節的一切

Great evangelism tool!

The purpose of this book is to explain the most important story in the Holy Bible. It is a story that tells us what Christmas and Easter are all about. However the book doesn't stop with the stories of these two festivals. It explains much more. It tells us the Bible's answers to life, death, and life after death. It helps us understand what the Bible is all about! This book is written in EasyEnglish, which means all ages can benefit from it. If English is a difficult language for you to read, this book will be helpful.

A Look Inside America

福音资源事工 Chinese Resource Ministry
, A Look Inside America,
Exploring America's Cultural Values and Holidays - The author offers a book to help international students on our campuses with valuable information about the historical influences that caused the core values of the United States. This book has clear and concise explanations of what those values actually are and a full explanation of US holidays and what each day commemorates. "From his many years of working with international students, Bill Perry has learned how to speak and write to his audience simply and clearly. Students whose English still needs polishing will find this book to be a helpful resouce that can be readily understood." - 96 pp.

America, Return Back to God

美国的迷失(简)America, Return Back to God美國的迷失(簡)

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This book contains 14 articles related to America's Christian heritage and some of the modern issues that it struggles with in the current culture. Some of the topics it covers are Secularism, Neo-paganism, Media influence on people and family, the ACLU, issues of marriage, and how to turn America around again. 68 pp.


Philosophy & Christianity

福音资源事工 Chinese Resource Ministry
基督教与哲学 (简), Philosophy & Christianity, 基督教與哲學 (簡)
Booklet, 151 pp. Outlines the Enlightenment and Skepticism of the 18th century; Idealism, Agnosticism & Evolutionism of the 19th Century; Existentialism, Humanism of the 20th Century. Enlightenment and skepticism of the 18th century; Idealism, Agnosticism & Evolutionism of the 19th Century; Existentialism, Humanism of the 20th Century.

Your Money Counts

理财有道 (简), Your Money Counts, 理財有道(簡)

This book will transform your life and your finances because you will be learning what God says about handling money. Whether you are trying to make ends meet, or determine what to do with excess, this books gives a clear understanding of what God wants you to know about handling money. And, as you apply these principles, you'll enjoy more financial health, freedom and contentment.

With over 600,000 in print, many have discovered that the Bible has a lot to say about money through your Money Counts. This revised and expanded electronic workbook is embedded with videos, animations and interactive financial tools that will assist you as you discover what the Bible has to say about spending, saving, giving, investing, getting our of debt, facing a financial crisis and much more.

"The practical principles in Your Money Counts are powerful and life-changing because they are based on the Bible. My only regret is that I did not read it 20 years ago. Don't make the same mistake!" 
-Joe Gibbs, former NFL Head Coach and Founder of NASCAR's Joe Gibbs Racing

"Your Money Counts is very practical and will help you grow closer to the Lord. I heartily recommend it to those who are seeking to manage their money in a way that will please God." 
-Larry Burkett (1939-2003), Author and Radio Host


Eternal Perplexities

福音资源事工 Chinese Resource Ministry
永存的困惑 (简), Eternal Perplexities, 永存的困惑 (簡)
Booklet, 44 pp. A study on the nature of man, under the topics of the transformation of the nature of man, rationality and faith, and the power of the Gospel.

Democracy - The Ultimate Pursuit?

福音资源事工 Chinese Resource Ministry
民主─终极追求? (简), Democracy - The Ultimate Pursuit?, 民主─終極追求? (簡)
(Former title: Democracy, Morality and the U. S. Constitution). Bilingual, 26 pp. Brief, but excellent, discussion of 1) what democracy is, 2) how Christianity played a crucial role in the U.S. form of democracy and why it is an essential foundation, and 3) why democracy alone is not the answer. It closes by asserting that true freedom is only found in Jesus Christ.

Critique of Humanism, A

福音资源事工 Chinese Resource Ministry
人文主义评析 (简), Critique of Humanism, A, 人文主義評析 (簡)
Booklet, 67 pp. The nature and value of humanism - a comparative study.

The Socialist Quest For the New Man

福音资源事工 Chinese Resource Ministry
新人 (简), The Socialist Quest For the New Man, 新人 (簡)
Bilingual Booklet 36 pp. Written by a Romanian Pastor who suffered greatly for his faith. Written by a Romanian Pastor.

Worldviews in Collision

福音资源事工 Chinese Resource Ministry
世界观的交锋 (简), Worldviews in Collision, 世界觀的交鋒 (簡)
250 pp. With a reverent attitude, the author helps readers to see a God-centered worldview, as well as how one with the wrong worldview can be helped to find the right path. With a pious attitude, the author helps readers to see a God-centered worldview, as well as how a lost one can be on the right path. Simplified Chinese edition.

Christian Ethics

福音资源事工 Chinese Resource Ministry
基督徒与伦理 (简), Christian Ethics, 基督徒與倫理 (簡)

Booklet 39 pp. Family, work, social, and life ethics.


Unveiling the Mystery of Tumult World

福音资源事工 Chinese Resource Ministry
揭开动荡时代的奥秘 (简), Unveiling the Mystery of Tumult World, 揭開動盪時代的奧秘 (簡)
 This book discusses the activities of this world based on the prophetical statements in the Bible - 248 pp.

Art & the Bible

福音资源事工 Chinese Resource Ministry
圣经中的艺术观 (简), Art & the Bible, 聖經中的藝術觀 (簡)
Art and the Bible

A Different Life

福音资源事工 Chinese Resource Ministry
不一样的人生 (简), A Different Life, 不一樣的人生 (簡)

196 pp. The book discusses the biblical perspective of life situations and attitudes. It includes chapters on ministry, work, family, purpose of life, victory over adverse circumstances, pursuit of excellence, peace in the midst of a busy life.


Bounty of the Land - Letter to Guohua (3)

福音资源事工 Chinese Resource Ministry
大地恩情 (简), Bounty of the Land - Letter to Guohua (3), 大地恩情 (簡)
154 pp. Emphasizes maturing in one’s walk with God and sacrificial dedication to the cause of Christ. See also D6-4. After dealing with suffering and existential situations in series 1 and 2, this third series emphasizes commitment, prayer and yearnings for the birth of a new people who need to be continually renewed. Content page inside. See also D6-4.

Advent Wreath

福音资源事工 Chinese Resource Ministry
迎圣的烛冠 (简), Advent Wreath, 迎聖的燭冠 (簡)
Advent Wreath. Tract. For use at Christmas, introduces this most known holiday through explaining the meaning of Advent and the Advent wreath. For use at Christmas, introduces this most known holiday through exclaiming (explaining?) the meaning of Advent and the Advent wreath.

Breaking the DaVinci Code

福音资源事工 Chinese Resource Ministry
破解《达.芬奇密码》[简], Breaking the DaVinci Code, 破解《達.芬奇密碼》[簡]
The author possesses an extensive knowledge of what is called the New School of New Testament studies, thus properly contextualizing and laying the groundwork for a thorough discussion of The Da Vinci Code. His analysis lead the reader to trustworthy conclusions.

Historical Perspectives of Eternity

与永恒有关的30个观念(简), Historical Perspectives of Eternity, 與永恆有關的30個觀念 (簡)

226 pp.